मंडळाच्या ५७ व्या दि. ०२-०३-२०२१ रोजीच्या बैठकीत खालील प्रमाणे ठराव पारित करण्यात आलेला आहे . ठराव क्र ५७(२)/२०२१:- सन २०२०-२१ या वित्तीय वर्षात कोविद १९ विषाणूच्या प्रादुर्भावामुळे बहुतांश कालावधीत शाळा / महाविद्यालये बंद होती अथवा ऑनलाईन पद्धतीने कार्यरत होती अशा स्थितीत दिनांक ०१-०४-२०२० ते दि . ३१ - ०३- २०२१ या कालावधीत शैक्षणिक सहाय्याच्या योजनेचा लाभ घेण्यासाठी शाळा /महाविद्यालयातील उपस्थितीची अट शिथिल करण्यात येत आहे.    ठराव क्र ५७(५)/२०२१:- कोविद १९ विषाणूच्या प्रादुर्भाव कालावधीत जिल्हा कार्यालये नियमितपणे कार्यरत नसल्यामुळे नूतनीकरण होऊ न शकलेले व दि. ०१-०४- २०२० ते ३१-०३-२०२१ या कालावधीत बांधकामाच्या ठिकाणी अपघाती मृत्यू झालेल्या प्रकरणी बांधकाम कामगारांच्या वारसांना मंजूर योजनेकरिता देय अर्थसहाय्य देण्यात यावे. असा ठराव सर्वानुमते पारित करण्यात आला.
SC Shrirangam
Sh. Vivek Shankar Kumbhar
Secretary cum CEO
Maharashtra Building And Other Construction Worker’s Welfare Board

About Our Board

According to section 18(1) of The Building & Other Construction Workers Welfare Board, each state must establish a tripartite Board.

Construction & other construction workers form the largest unorganized segment. With the objective of regulating the employment and conditions of service and to provide safety, health and welfare measures for the Construction & other construction workers, the Central government enacted legislation, namely “The Building & Other Construction Workers” (Regulation of Employment and Condition of Service) Act, 1996. Further the state government under the said Act, had also passed “The Maharashtra Building & Other Construction Workers” (Regulation of Employment and Condition of Service) Rules 2007.

Under the said rule, initially “Maharashtra Building & Other Construction Workers Welfare Board” was formed with 5 government representatives.

“Maharashtra Building & Other Construction Workers Welfare Board” was restructured under notification of 2011, 2015 & in 2018 and a tripartite Board was formed.Currently the Board comprises Chairman along with 3 representative each from government, owners and labour.

According to rule 35 (1), the tenure of the MBOCWW Board is 3 years.

The board is entrusted to ensure and provide safety, health and welfare measures to Building and Other Construction Workers through various schemes.

Functions of the Boards

As per the Building and Other Construction Workers(Regulation of Employment and Conditions of Service)  Act 1996

Chapter I, Section 22

1. The Board may –

(a) Provide immediate assistance to a beneficiary in case of accident,

(b) Make payment of pension to the beneficiaries who have completed the age of sixty years,

(c) Sanction loans and advances to a beneficiary for construction of a house not exceeding such amount and on such terms and conditions as may be prescribed,

(d) Pay such amount in connection with premia for Group Insurance Scheme of the beneficiaries as may be prescribed,

(e) Give such financial assistance for the education of children of the beneficiaries as may be prescribed,

(f) Meet such medical expenses for treatment of major ailments of a beneficiary or, such dependant, as may be prescribed,

(g) Make payment of maternity benefit to the female beneficiaries,

(h) Make provision and improvement of such other welfare measures and facilities as may be prescribed.

2. The Board may grant loan or subsidy to a local authority or an employer in aid of any scheme approved by the State Government for the purpose connected with the welfare of building workers in any establishment.

3. The Board may pay annually grants-in-aid to a local authority or to an employer who provides to the satisfaction of the Board welfare measures and facilities of the standard specified by the Board for the benefit of the building workers and the members of their family, so, however that the amount payable as grants-inaid to any local authority or employer shall not exceed—

(a) The amount spent in providing welfare measures and facilities as determined by the State Government or any person specified by it in this behalf, or

(b) Such amount as may be prescribed. Which ever is less.

Provided that no grant-in-aid shall be payable in respect of any such welfare measures and facilities where the amount spent thereon determined  as aforesaid is less than the amount prescribed in this behalf. 

Achievements till March 2019

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